Introducing the Microwave Mug Pizza

The Microwave Mug Pizza comes courtesy of food blogger Gemma Stafford. This single portion can be whipped up quickly using fresh ingredients and cooked in a microwave. Genius! Now “that’s real fast food”.



Worlds first 3D printed food cafe seeks funding

KimboDesigner Martin Furze is raising money to launch the world’s first 3D printed food café in the UK. Read full story here

You didn’t invent the chicken sandwich, dead guy

Officially worse than garage prawns

On reading of the death of the guy who started one of those horrible sounding fast-food chains with dumb names that America loves, I learned only my second fact about Chick-fil-a, which is already two too many. Fact one is, of course, they don’t like The Gays. Fact two, and this is just as indefensible as fact one – they claim to have invented the chicken sandwich.

Nope. Nooooope. Absolutely not. This is not a thing that happened. People were putting chicken between breads long before you guys were making it orange and gross looking. You may have been the first to make commercial chicken sandwiches all horrible but that’s really nothing to be proud of. Hate and hubris, chick-fil-a you are a bad company. With a dumb name.

To calm down, let’s all watch a video of a bun divider

Find me a nerdier bottle

Klein bottles are cool, and you’ve got to admire Acme‘s dedication to the form despite admitting that it’s, you know, kind of pointless for the actual purpose it’s allegedly designed for.

Still, that’s almost certainly not why you’re buying it. I was introduced to these real life mathematical conversation pieces years ago by a mathematician friend of mine. Buy one for your alcoholic geek friends, it won’t stop them drinking but it might slow them down for a few key minutes.


The unity of opposites and the chillogen oven


It was Heraclitus who is first recorded as mulling over the unity of opposites in the Western tradition. It is, of course, a vital part of many transcendent schools of though from Zen to Sufism and various strands of the Tantra and the hidden schools of alchemy. Great thinkers like Kant and Hegel have wrestled with the dialectic implications of what can only be described as a pretty heavy idea.
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I, for one…

“Soap me up, puny human”

Because Food Machines is highly connected, the tip off we were given about the cake robots that lead to yesterday’s fine post was also seen by people with the wherewithal to create this fantastic supercut of even more food robots including a bunch we’d have included had we noticed them. Mmm, flexpicker, I love you.
Anyway, courtesy of the incandescent content creation machines at Offbeat, revel in yet more amazing food robots.

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Cake Robots & Jelly Satellites


Neither made of cake or, strictly, a robot

We here at Food Machines love a robot, especially if it’s making food. And we are not alone. Continue reading

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A caffeine fueled history of Espresso machines

We here at Food Machines are very much creatures of habit. Perusing our archives you’ll discover many posts that mention how hot it’s been therefore we’re looking at ice machines and fantasising. Likewise, there are going to be more than a few posts predicated on the universal human condition known as “being quite sleepy“. Luckily, because we live in the universe we deserve, evolution has provided us with a number of solutions for waking up, the least illegal of which being coffee.
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Getting social with the food machines

Because we here at Food Machines are nothing if not wholly committed to the cutting edge, we have a selection of social media accounts that you may want to follow. You can find us on Facebook here, or if Twitters more your thing our twitter is here. We shall endeavour to remember to update them whenever the blog is, and who knows, maybe some exclusive content and personal, direct fan engagement. So, if you want, why not follow us or like us. It’ll be super!


Fruit News Today

sexy fruits
an interesting article about the real reason fruit and veg are good for us, compared to the nonsense that is often used in marketing stuff as “healthy”.
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